by : Zahwah Jameel
June 27th 2023
Ethical AI: Discussing AI Frameworks, Privacy, and Regulations

Understanding the decisions of artificial intelligence systems gets more exciting and difficult as they become more sophisticated. While the capability of AI is interesting, critical issues like prejudice, fairness, ethical AI, and the need for transparency in AI systems must be addressed. The machine learning models that power these systems learn from the data sent …

by : Aashiya Mittal
June 5th 2023
Exploring the Future of Artificial Intelligence: Insights, Innovations, Impacts, and Challenges

Have you ever imagined that machines could also think and act like humans? No, right! Well, now everything is possible with artificial intelligence. It has gained immense attention from across the globe, and companies are willing to adopt it to transform digitally and smartly. You can consider it a wind that swept the whole market …

by : Zahwah Jameel
April 17th 2023
Neural Networks: The Driving Force Behind Modern AI Revolution

Welcome to the world of neural networks, the fascinating new frontier of artificial intelligence. They are the brilliant engine that has moved the field forward. Now more than ever, neural networks are the backbone of modern AI and data science, powering development and creativity in a world where game-changing technologies like ChatGPT and other generative …

by : Zahwah Jameel
February 21st 2023
The Era of Generative AI: ChatGPT vs. Bard

Generative AI has become increasingly popular because of its potential to generate original content and boost human creativity in areas ranging from images and text to music and even films. Deep learning and natural language processing advances have allowed generative AI models to create content that is frequently impossible to differentiate from human-created content. The …

by : ongraph
September 10th 2017
How to use Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) In Chatbot Development with Python?

AIML is essential for building an enterprise grade real-time chatbot. AIML plays the role of ‘brain’ in such chatbots. Let’s understand how AIML helps in the chatbot development especially when development is being done in Python.

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