Accelerate Business Growth with Our MEAN Stack Development Services

Short for MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS, MEAN Stack is a cross-platform, open-source JavaScript full-stack development solution that has evolved to become one of the biggest technology trends for creating scalable, robust, and secure web applications.

With the MVC-based paradigm of MEAN Stack development, you can build powerful RESTful API servers, Single-Page applications (SPAs), e-commerce applications, and enterprise-level web applications. Industry giants like LinkedIn, Walmart, NASA, and Trello leverage MEAN Stack development to achieve their organizational objectives.

The functionalities and features of MEAN Stack offer innumerable benefits from No SQL storage, reduced development costs, code reusability, seamless data transfers, isomorphic coding, cloud compatibility, flexibility, JSON implementation, and high performance.

As a leader of several technical stacks and emerging technologies, OnGraph is the best MEAN Stack development company in the USA offering innovative, growth-driven, and customized MEAN Stack development services worldwide to numerous industries.

OnGraph is an agile MEAN Stack development company that will help you leverage the maximum benefits from MEAN Stack development through our unlimited, cost-effective, and flexible services and solutions.

Why We Recommend Outsourcing MEAN Stack Development Services

Enhanced Performance

Since Node.js is a part of MEAN Stack, it comes with event-driven architecture that offers enhanced performance and is swifter.

Flexibility and Scalability

MEAN apps enable developing code for NodeJS and porting it to AngularJS, making the development process easier. Also, various reusable modules, frameworks, and libraries reduce development time and enable flexibility and scalability.

Reusable Code

MEAN Stacks come with Npm, making it easier to share code with the number of public Node.js repositories that are rapidly expanding.

No-SQL Nature

MongoDB’s NoSQL nature enables instant modification and replacement of the data layer without stressing over data migrations.

JavaScript Framework

MEAN Stack is based on JS framework, a powerful and reliable framework offering innumerable benefits like data management, seamless user experience, and swift data recovery.


MEAN stack includes features and functionalities for resolving security and other vulnerabilities when there is a high traffic volume.

Supports Cloud Deployment

Save resources, time, and uncertainty by utilizing Cloud solutions to manage MongoDB deployments while running the database.


MEAN Stack development outranks other technologies and frameworks due to its cost-effectiveness by offering control over unnecessary expenditures.

JSON Accessibility

MEAN uses a uniform JSON format for data across the board, making interaction with APIs easier.

MEAN Stack Development Services We Offer

With over 15+ years of industry experience in diverse verticals, we provide unlimited range of custom MEAN stack development services for startups to large enterprises. Hire MEAN Stack Developers from us to get cuttig-edge MEAN stack development solutions for your business

Our Technology Stack

Languages/Platform Node, Typescript, Javascript, Serverles, Express
Front-End Bootstrap, React, Angular, jQuery, Vue
Architecture MVC, MVP, Microservices, MVVM
Frameworks/Libraries Typescript, Javascript, Express, Serverless
Database MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle Firebase, MS-SQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch
Deployment Azure, AWS, Docker, Google Cloud, Kubernetes
Testing Selenium, Katalon, Test Rail, OWASP ZAPn, Postman
ORMs TypeORM, Sequelize, GraphQL
Caching Memcached, Redis
Project Management Tools Asana, Slack, Trello, Jira, Microsoft Teams

MEAN Stack Technologies We Leverage For Development

Our MEAN stack developers leverage these technologies with their deep expertise and innovative practices to provide custom MEAN development services for your business

MongoDB For No SQL Storage

A No SQL open-source database that enables developers to adopt the agile process, make quick changes and hold the entire application data in a JSON-like format.

ExpressJS For Web Coding

Adaptable and lightweight NodeJS-based framework utilized to build web apps with simpler interfaces and for handling routes and cookies, developing response endpoints, and forming responses.

AngularJS For Front-end Web Development

An open-source client-side web framework enabling the client to seamlessly receive and send JSON documents and enabling capacity expansion of HTML-based apps.

NodeJS For Web Servers

An open-source, server-side cross-platform framework leveraged to build scalable and efficient RESTful API servers and integrate MongoDB with the application server.

Why Choose OnGraph as Your Go-to MEAN Stack Development Company in the USA?

Proficient MEAN Stack Developers

You can hire MEAN Stack developers from OnGraph to develop simple, clean, and high-quality code for your enterprise apps with the right framework, libraries, and tools.

Flexible Engagement Models

We maintain an agile and customer-centric engagement approach for providing specified and all-round MEAN Stack development services.

24×7 Support

We provide MEAN Stack development services with 24×7 support and accessible communication during and after the deployment of your application.

Seamless Communication
Seamless Communication

Our MEAN Stack development team has expertise in various project management tools for timely updates, status, and consistent communication.

Competitive Cost

Our low operating costs make us stand out from other MEAN Stack development companies. We provide adequate resources at a reduced price.

Advanced Enterprise-Level Apps

We have in-house experienced MEAN stack developers skilled in various technical stacks who develop secure and reliable apps.

Swift and Timely Delivery

We keep our commitments and always deliver our promised MEAN stack development services on time.

Successful MEAN Stack Development Projects

Here’s the portfolio of our successful MEAN Stack development projects

Serving Numerous Industries

With 15+ of experience as a MEAN Stack development company, we have proven hands-on experience in assisting businesses in diverse verticals worldwide.

E-commerce and Retail

Frequently Asked Question

Developers may seamlessly go from client side to server side and vice versa, thanks to the MEAN Stack framework. It offers Javascript-based front-end and back-end capabilities. Your company will gain a lot from this framework, including faster performance delivery and more flexibility.

Hiring an OnGraph specialized development team has a variety of advantages. Among them are the following:

  • Total access to and control over the development process
  • Timely and high-quality deliveries
  • Dedicated project manager overseeing project development without charge
  • Regular updates

MEAN Stack is a JavaScript-based framework used to build web applications. It is named after MongoDB, ExpressJS, Angular, and NodeJS. It is widely employed while designing dynamic websites and applications. The apps and websites that our team of MEAN developers creates are adaptable and quick to process.

Definitely! OnGraph Technologies provides its esteemed clients with post-project support round-the-clock. As the developers are highly-skilled and knowledgeable, they can help you with any problems you could run into and also guide you on how to use the system properly.

You most certainly will! You won’t need to make numerous choices any longer, thanks to MEAN Stack. As a result, your projects will be finished sooner and your development costs will go down dramatically.

Before we deploy the project, a team of highly experienced QA engineers along with project manager will thoroughly test every single module and ensure if every module is working fine.

You have the intellectual rights on source code produced. This means, we will handover you the source code along with all the rights.




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