React Native App Development Services

React Native is a popular open-source UI framework that is based on JavaScript. It is used to build mobile applications for Android and iOS. One of the key features of React Native is that it allows developers to create a mobile app for various platforms by using a single codebase. 

Launched by Facebook in 2015, the framework is used by tech giants like Facebook, Walmart, Instagram, Skype, Airbnb, Tesla, and so on. 

In a short span, the framework has gained a lot of popularity for its unique features that make an attractive UI and engaging UX for apps.

OnGraph is one of the leading React Native app development companies that offers services you can rely on when creating mobile apps that add value to your business.

Leverage The Potential of React Native App Development Services

Reusable Code

It is possible to use a single codebase for both Android and iOS apps with React Native technology. This equates to significant time and costs savings in the development process.

Native Performance

Unlike Cordova or PhoneGap, the framework generates components that operate as native views, ensuring that app users enjoy the fast performance even when the app consumes a lot of resources.

Cross Platform Framework

Nothing compares to native apps in terms of user experience and efficiency. With React Native, developers can write code that runs natively on many platforms while maintaining a single codebase.

Hot Reload

React Native’s hot reload feature is connected to Hot Module Replacement (HMR). The HMR came into existence after the launch of the first reload option. This hot reload function has the advantage of effectively providing you with the same set of features and actions as before.

Live Reload

React Native allows you to view two different screens simultaneously.  You can modify codes on the first screen and you can see the results of your changes on the second screen. Android mobile app developers are well aware of the value of this feature.

Strong Community

React Native has become one of the favorite tech stacks for developers since its launch. It has large and active community support in cross-platform mobile app development. The community ensures that no question remains unanswered.

Quick Time to Market

React Native considerably reduces coding efforts because the majority of the code can be shared between the iOS and Android versions, cutting development time in half. It also comes with pre-built components for multiple functions.

Our React Native App Development Services at a Glance

We provide a comprehensive set of capabilities for developing apps that have the look, feel, functionality, and performance of native apps.

Why Choose Us as Your React Native outsourcing Partner?

Proficient React Developers

We have experienced React Native developers capable of building highly scalable mobile applications.

Up-to-dated developers

Our team of experienced developers has the capability and skills of working with React versions 16.9-18.1 and native versions 0.61-0.63

Various Libraries

Our React Native team works with multiple React libraries such as material-ui, stripe, chart.js, lodash, j moment, bootstrap, firebase, react-chart-js2, push-notification, react-native-voice, semantic-ui, google-maps-react, amplitude-js, and server-timing.

Variety of apps

Our React Native developers have created a wide range of applications for social media, e-gaming, e-learning, eCommerce, Shopify, health, and many more.

Timely delivery

At OnGraph we strictly follow timelines and try to deliver defect-free, well optimized solutions, every time!

Seamless Support

Be it pre or post development issues or bugs, we are here to help you out. You just need to raise a support ticket with the concerned project manager and our technical support team will be assigned to it within an hour.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprises need exceptional solutions that can cater millions of users without compromising on the user experience. Keeping this in mind, we employ highly experienced and dedicated developers to build powerful and robust applications for enterprise level businesses.

Competitive Pricing

Another feature that distinguishes us is our competitive price, as we believe in providing services that are worth the money.

Frequently Asked Question

React Native is a cross-platform app development framework that uses a single codebase to develop apps for both iOS and Android. Thus, it makes the development and maintenance very easy as you don’t have to code differently for other platforms. Also React Native offers a native-like interface which ultimately gives a better user experience.  You don’t need to have two different teams for developing an app, rather a single team can develop the app which works well for both platforms, allowing you to save resources, time and money.

React is a JavaScript library that is used to create web app user interfaces. React Native, on the other hand, is a React extension that can be used to create mobile apps for Android and iOS.

It depends on the size of your React Native development project, as well as the app’s design, features, and goal. Please contact us by email or chat for more information, and we will respond as soon as possible.

It completely depends on the scope, features and the experience of the team of  developers you are going to work with. As every business has different tasks to achieve by the mobile application, it’s better to schedule a free consultation with one of our solution architects to discuss the requirements, expectations and timelines to evaluate the cost of the development.

We will help you do that. Having developed an app using React Native enables you with many benefits such as saving time to develop and money. 

We will try to cut down the code written in the native app and update the libraries to latest versions, Execute custom native modules, Add assets to the React Native app and a couple of more things. But it is better to code afresh if the existing code has many flaws to be fixed.




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