Symfony Development Services For Building Robust and Scalable Apps

Symfony is a popular PHP-based framework for web apps and website development that offers ready-to-use solutions for swift and easy development. It helps you build special functions, web HTML forms, notifications, databases, security, email integration and functionalities, and several other features and functionalities.

By choosing Symfony development, ensure robust app performance regardless of the application traffic and size with a strong environment. Its interoperability, components, and bundles ensure that you don’t need to reinvent your wheel.

Popular firms like Spotify, Trivago, and Dailymotion leverage Symfony web development in their organization to build modern, high-performing, and meticulously designed apps. It allows the creation of applications based on several architectural patterns like Model-View-Controller (MVC), Microservices, and Action-Domain-Responder.

At OnGraph, we provide innovative end-to-end Symfony web development services for various industry verticals with proven expertise in Symphony and other PHP-based frameworks like Laravel, PHPUnit, Phalcon, CakePHP, CodeIgniter, Docker, Zend Framework, Yii, and Fuel PHP.

Being a pioneer Symfony Development Company with over a decade of industry experience, OnGraph works with the best Symfony tools and industry-leading approaches to unlock the potential of scalable and robust Symfony solutions for your business.

Why We Recommend Symfony Development Services

Fast and Easy Development

Symfony web development reduces time-to-market by obviating the need for extensive development. The built-in features of Symfony, reusability feature, customization, and various plugins help to speed up application development.

Reusable PHP components

Symfony has always focused on delivering business value through numerous reusable PHP components that get downloaded over 10 million times every day.


One of the core components of Symfony web development is security. It covers firewalls, authentication systems, system access control and management, and so on.

Flexibility with Disconnected Components
Flexibility with Disconnected Components

Symfony’s design enables it to perform processes in any environment, making it inexpensive to create automation processes for iterative development tasks.

Seamless debugging
Seamless debugging

Symfony offers performance tracking, debugging, and unit testing with various tools like Profiler, Web Debug Toolbar, and PHP Unit Independent Library which uses testing tools and HTTP queries for testing without using a script.

Stable and Sustainable

For some of the Symfony versions, the business provides 3-year support. It offers lifelong assistance with security-related challenges. Symfony applications have rock-solid stability and long-term viability in any version of the framework.

Vast Customization

Symfony offers a wide range of functionalities and features that enables developers to offer any level of customization needed by the app and determine how user-friendly the app needs to be.

SEO-friendly Symfony Apps

Symfony development supports caching based on server-side rendering, reducing page load time and helping to improve SEO and page ranking.

Unlimited Range of Symfony Development Services We Offer

Being a premier Symfony Development Company, we at OnGraph are agile, resourceful, and dedicated to turning your vision into a reality. Our expertise in diverse industry verticals enables us to keep you ahead of the competition by promising to provide beyond expectations.

Our Technology Stack

Back-end PHP, Yii, Laravel, Zend, .NET, CodeIgniter, PHPUnit, Phalcon
CMS Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce
Front-end Kotlin, Angular, ExpressJs
Testing Software Testing, Mobile Testing
ORMs TypeORM, Sequilize
Caching Memecached
Database Realm, SQLite, Firebase, CoreData
Project Management Tools Asana, JIRA, Trello

Popular Symfony Tools We Work On

Hire Symfony developers from OnGraph with deep knowledge and expertise in building engaging apps by deploying Symfony tools and 200+ Symphony plugins.


Sulu is a headless content management system built on the Symphony PHP framework that empowers developers to implement custom, data-driven capabilities and supports the management of localized content-rich entities.


Twig is a swift, secure, flexible, and modern templating engine for PHP used in Symfony projects and enables developers to write readable and concise templates. with SymfonyCloud enables app synchronization and continuous deployment. It allows Symfony developers to design scalable apps.

Symfony CLI

Symfony CLI is an open-source, cross-platform Symfony development tool that enables developers to design, manage, and run Symfony apps directly from the terminal.


CRUD is a Symfony tool that enables developers to perform operations like read, create, delete, and update and allows them to use these functions through Symfony CLI.

Symfony Plugins

Symfony has over 200 plugins available like SfThumbnailPlugin for thumbnail creation, SfTCPDFPlugin to manage PDF generation, SfGuardPlugin for managing authentication, SfEasyGMapPlugin for enabling Google Map geolocation integration, and so on.

Why Hire Symfony Developers with OnGraph?

With 14+ years of experience, 500+ successful projects, the trust of 200+ clients, and a proficient team of 250+ developers with hands-on experience working in various domains to deliver customized, robust, and scalable Symfony development services.

Proficient Symfony Developers

You can hire Symfony developers from OnGraph that develops high-quality code and design bespoke Symfony web apps with the best tools and innovative approaches.

Agile and Flexible Development Process

For every robust web application development, we take an agile management approach by providing high-quality software in the quickest period possible, thanks to the collaborative efforts of our skilled developers.


We value your trust and we never duplicate or share our clients’ designs or code. We sign an NDA to protect our integrity and ensure you that your project/business concept is safe with us.

24×7 Technical Support

We provide Symfony development services with 24×7 technical support and accessible communication during and after the deployment of your application.

Advanced Enterprise-Level Apps

We value your trust above all else. That’s why, at all costs, we never duplicate or share our clients’ designs or code. We sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect our integrity and provide you peace of mind that your project or business concept is safe with us.

Swift and Timely Delivery

We keep our commitments and provide the development of MVPs, Symfony products, and Symfony development services on time.

Successful Symfony Projects

Here are our successful projects where we implemented Symfony web development services.

Diem’s on-demand mobile app helps their customers in real-time to hire professionals near them to accomplish their household needs.

Serving Multiple Industries

With over a decade of experience in providing Symfony solutions, we provide Symfony development services for firms in several industries.


Frequently Asked Question

After your project is live, we provide a minimum of free support hours/days for each project we design. Following our free support, we offer low-cost technical support subscriptions to upgrade and support your applications for as long as you need them.

Our programmers are dedicated to writing high-quality code. We have professional quality control methods in places, such as regular code reviews and design walk-throughs. We place a premium on doing things well the first time, and we believe that the development techniques themselves should be robust.

You will have complete control over the project’s development. Any inquiries you have about symfony development will be answered by your dedicated point of contact. For effective PHP Framework development, hire Symfony engineers from OnGraph. We will collaborate closely with you to achieve complete openness in our operations.

With regular status reports, the OnGraph team will keep you informed about the progress of your project. Project planning, code, bug status, and the timesheet can all be viewed. Before we begin working with you, we will discuss updated schedules with you.




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