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Voice Bots have become a must-have for most businesses today in order to meet customer requests. In terms of customer engagement, it outperforms chatbots. To speak with clients across digital channels utilizing human voice, voicebots use artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analytics, and natural language processing. They have the unique capacity to recognise a customer’s demands throughout a conversation and reply intelligently to the questions posed. They accomplish this by turning built-in text into speech scripts and programmes designed to handle a wide range of interactions.

Why choose OnGraph for Voicebot app development?

You just sit back in your office or home and enjoy your app development journey with us. You can trust us for all your Voicebot app development requirements.


With AI assistance, voice calls are automatically promoted to prospects, reducing the number of manual calls and promoting automation


Customers will get the best calling experience with individualized conversation, language, and the correct context that will keep them engaged.


Our voice bot helps you save time by making multiple calls at once. This reduces your staff's contact volume and increases productivity in your call center.


Eliminates the need for several call agents and staff, resulting in significant cost savings for your company.


With the help of our fully customizable Voicebot technology, you may customize your Voicebot to meet your specific company needs.

Highly Secure

Our voicebot system is built on innovative technologies and monitored by in-house developers throughout the day, ensuring that all of your data is kept safe and secure.

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Our Voicebot Features

You just sit back in your office or home and enjoy your app development journey with us. You can trust us for all your Voicebot app development requirements.

Fully Automated Calling

With the support of predetermined data saved in our strong voicebot system, our AI-powered callbot performs routine calls to all of your customers automatically.

Supports Multiple Languages

Our Voicebot is multilingual, allowing businesses to communicate with their target audience in their preferred language.


Our voicebot helps telemarketing teams close more sales and leads by using machine learning to convert more call attendants into quick purchasers.


Our AI-powered Voicebots make automated voice calls to prospects at the perfect time, when conversions are most likely.

Multiple Business Applications

All key business functions, such as sales, telemarketing, service, customer support, and contact center, can benefit from our multi-purpose voicebot.

Mass Calling

Our voicebot is designed for mass calling and is extremely scalable, so you can make bulk calls to your vast audience at any time, whether it’s 500, 1000, or 100,000 each day.

Natural Language

Voice Bots are intelligent robots that converse with your consumers in natural language without the need for human intervention.

Customizable Scripts

Pre-written scripts that are customisable to your company’s demands and specifications can help you communicate with your consumers.

In-depth Data & Analytics

Our actionable data, analytics, and insights help you better nurture your customers and make more profitable business decisions.

Development Process We Follow

We take all the worry so that you can relax and see your ideas turning into reality! We follow a comprehensive approach in our mobile app development process to ensure we fulfill all your requirements.

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    We safeguard your splendid idea by signing an NDA to protect your original concept and secure your application.

  • Discovery

    We research thoroughly and ask questions to know your detailed requirements and suggest the best solution.

  • Design

    We create wireframe prototypes before transforming them into world-class UI designs.

  • Development

    We turn the designs into an app using the most advanced technology stacks and frameworks.

  • Testing

    We do extensive testing to remove all the bugs and issues before making your app live.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We continue to offer widespread support and maintenance to guarantee smooth operations.

Frequently Asked Question

The time it takes to create a Voicebot has no fixed value. As a result, it is preferable to contact professionals to determine the timing for developing a voicebot that meets your company’s requirements.

The cost of developing a voicebot is determined by a number of factors, including the type of bot and the sector it serves just like the cost of developing an app. Therefore, consulting with a professional to receive a cost estimate on your voicebot development needs is useful.

If you’re having trouble improving customer service, you’ll almost certainly need a voicebot. More than 67 percent of internet firms in the globe employ voicebots. Self-help features, quick responses, and real-time engaged discussion are all advantages of the voicebot.

Building a Voicebot with AI (Artificial Intelligence) characteristics is the greatest solution for businesses. Programming languages including Java, Python, C++, PHP, Ruby, and Lisp are ideal for creating AI voice bots.