Use Case Analysis
Plan, Strategy and Roadmap
Proof of Concept or Full Development
Deployment, Monitoring and Support
Intelligent IoT & IIoT Solutions That Connect Devices, People and Processes over Cloud

IoT center of excellence (CoE) specializes in humanizing information exchange between humans and machines over cloud-based solutions. We develop industry-focused IoT solutions which solve real business use cases and provide seamless integration. We not only integrate systems but allow them to bring insights and make decisions autonomously. We bring AI to the IoT world to make it ever learning applications that can help you control costs or improve business operations. We help you bring predictability to your business and allow you to fully control it.

360 Degree End-to-End IoT & IIoT Services

OnGraph delivers Product Design and Development across industry verticals. Our experts assist you from concept to production that enables you to focus on product strategy and management. Backed by skilled and proficient experts, we make use of the most advanced technology and tools to design and develop IoT products that meet your business model as well as focus on end consumer needs.

Product Requirement Analysis

The purpose of requirements analysis is to make sure that all the product requirements accurately represent the client's needs and requirements. When executed correctly, requirements analysis results in a set of product requirements that, when met, will result in a deliverable that matches client’s expectations.

Product Architecture & Design

Product architecture is basically the organization of a product's functional elements. It's the ways these elements interact. It plays a significant role in how to design, make, sell, use, and repair a new product offering.

Product Deployment & Enhancement

Favorable results in the development stage precede large-scale production and commercialization. Here, the business launches its promotion campaign for the new product. The market research conducted during the conception stage influences the timing and location of the product launch.

End-To-End Product Development

Product development entails the actual design and manufacture of the product. Development commences with the manufacture of a prototype that facilitates market testing. Based upon the results of the tests, we decide on whether to undertake large-scale production or not.



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Technologies We Use

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Full IoT applications Stack Expertise

OnGraph engineering tech talent has solid expertise across all technologies related to IoT and IIoT world. We have expertise in IoT applications that can pick sensor data from cloud servers and build intelligent applications (having informative visualizations) for web and mobile interfaces. Our app solutions can help you decipher business insights and can perform 2-way information exchange between your apps and installed devices to perform actions like switch-on or switch-off etc.


NFC, Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G LTE, BLE etc



Platforms & Standards

Nest,OPENIoT, Thread, HomeKit etc

Data Visualization

Big Data, D3, PowerBI, Tableau etc


Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Windows Azure, DigitalOcean etc

Operating Systems

iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Ubuntu etc

Development Process We Follow

We take all the worry so that you can relax and see your ideas turning into reality! We follow a comprehensive approach in our IoT Solution process to ensure we fulfill all your requirements.

  • Protecting Your Intellectual Property

    We safeguard your splendid idea by signing an NDA to protect your original concept and secure your application.

  • Discovery

    We research thoroughly and ask questions to know your detailed requirements and suggest the best solution.

  • Design

    We create wireframe prototypes before transforming them into world-class UI designs.

  • Development

    We turn the designs into an app using the most advanced technology stacks and frameworks.

  • Testing

    We do extensive testing to remove all the bugs and issues before making your app live.

  • Support and Maintenance

    We continue to offer widespread support and maintenance to guarantee smooth operations.

Frequently Asked Question

  • First of all – you should gather all the tasks for the developer which you want them to do for you.
  • Based on the chosen developer and technology, finalize the agreement with the sales team.
  • Upon your confirmation, we will set up everything, and connect you with the developer.

Our developers can help you build feature-rich apps that work effortlessly across different platforms. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Product Consultation
  • Product Design
  • Product Development
  • Product Testing
  • Product Migration
  • Maintenance and Support

Yes, if you know the task to get done from the developer, then you can hire a developer on an hourly or project/task basis. Even we give the flexibility to change the hire model at a later stage.

There is no straightforward answer to this question. The cost to hire a developer depends on many factors like the development platform, the type of app, complexity of the design, number of pages, features and functions, maintenance cost, etc. You can hire offshore developers on an hourly or fixed cost basis.

Of Course, we consider various security standards when creating applications. Our testing parameters ensure that the android app performs perfectly without any difficulties.

No, once we discuss with you your website requirements and then price. We work hard so that the outlined price quote is strictly maintained the same.

Save time and reduce costs significantly when you outsource your development to OnGraph. We provide dedicated development teams and shared resources to work on your project full-time. Check out our article about offshore development teams.

Right from the beginning, we make sure to keep you in the loop by providing progress updates on your project’s development. During that time you can provide feedback and we’ll implement it. This process repeats until you are satisfied with the final result.

After successfully launching your product, we provide an open and dedicated support team to ensure any problems that arise are resolved quickly and efficiently. We can implement suggested updates or feature requests at an additional cost or as part of a monthly plan – find out more by contacting us.