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Developing an iOS app is one of the biggest achievements for small businesses, startups or even for enterprises. It helps you expand your business to a large number of iPhone users throughout the globe. Be it an eCommerce business, messaging platform, or even an e-learning platform iOS app development is the need of the hour.

You would need a Mac computer with the latest version of Xcode installed on the machine to develop an iOS application. It is an Integrated Development Environment by Apple Inc.

The next big thing is to have a team of skilled, experienced and dedicated developers.
You can count on us for this. We have a pool of iOS app developers, designers having years of experience in consulting, designing and developing outstanding solutions for mobile. We help you build applications that run on macOS, iPad, wearables, tvOS and other Apple products including apple watch.

Leverage The Potential of iOS App Development

Better Revenue

iPhone apps provide higher return on investment than Android apps. Developing iPhone apps allows businesses to get the most out of their investments. In terms of bringing a brand to success, the iPhone is a far more sophisticated option than Android, with better access to targeted people.

Enhanced Security

One of the major advantages of developing an iOS app is, it ensures utmost security. No iPhone app can pass the review process without following all security guidelines issued by the Apple app store. It helps you protect from malware, viruses or any threats that can affect your business and operations. At the same time, it ensures safety of the end user’s devices and data.

Ultimate Customer Experience

User experience is another advantage of having an iOS app. Since Apple has strict UI guidelines in place and every application has to follow it, it makes the mobile app smooth, intuitive, bug free, and delivers the ultimate user experience, every time!

User Interface

For any mobile application, user interface is the key to success. It should be easy for the end user to use, navigate to different screens, and make in-app purchases. Apple app store ensures all.

Updated tools and technologies

Apple provides an exceptional IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for iOS app development. iOS app developers use Apple’s Xcode to develop, test, and launch apps. Xcode offers an incredible user experience particularly when it comes to building the app’s visual layout and testing it on various screen sizes and device types.

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Experience with Various Versions of iOS, Swift, Objective-C and Xcode

Our pool of highly skilled developers have the capability and experience of working with Swift versions 1.0 – 5.5, Xcode versions 6.3 – 13.4 and iOS versions 5.1.1 – 15.5. The most recent Objective-C version we are using is 2.0.

Experience with Numerous Libraries 

Our iOS team uses a number of libraries such as Alamofire, Agora RTC, Razorpay, Stripe, Charts, GoogleWebRTC, and Firebase.

Custom Agile Process

We follow an agile methodology that ensures full transparency, increases development speed and reduces risk.

End-To-End Service

Once we onboard you, the entire development process is our responsibility. Be it requirement gathering, consulting, designing, development and testing, we take care of all. We even help you submit it to the app store.

Built Various Types of Applications

Our iOS developers have built a broad spectrum of applications ranging from Expense Tracking Application (Track My Pocket), E-Learning App for (Oakridge International school), Chat Applications (AllChat) to Dating App (Canine Buds), E-Commerce application, Online Food Ordering Application, Sports Betting Applications, Job Portal application & News application.

App Store Submission

Once the development is complete, the next big thing is to submit the application to the app store. It can be tricky sometimes. But, we take care of the entire process and do it for you. We will help you pass the review process and make it to the app store. It is inclusive in our services.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we provide you the ownership of the application and the source code after it is successfully launched on the App Store. We communicate freely with our clients about source code ownership and project handover before we sign any contract.

Yes, we have customizable engagement models in addition to offering a wide range of iPhone app development services. We offer you a choice of five recruiting models, which spell out how you and our staff will work together to achieve your specific business goals.

Our development and business analysis team decide how many developers we actually need to allocate for a particular project. Therefore, we start by investigating your app idea, including the industry vertical it belongs to and the technology stack it requires to finalize the team.

We ensure complete transparency at every stage of product development and maintain close contact with our clients throughout the duration of the project.

We have a team of experts to help you complete the submission process. Our team will prepare the required documentation including the privacy page, screens, adhere to UI guidelines and will test the app for any bug or crash issue.




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