Drive Innovation with Custom Angular Development Services

Angular is the latest open-source web application framework based on TypeScript that supports small-scale to enterprise-level applications seamlessly. Based on the modern MVC framework and Document Object Model (DOM), it is a popular tool for building Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) and Single-Page Applications (SPAs).

Several industry giants like Upwork, Nike, and HBO leverage the power of Angular web application development and Angular mobile application development due to the benefits it provides like two-way binding, declarative templates, dependency injection, and end-to-end tooling. Angular also supports cross-platform development with the utilization of directives and components.

OnGraph is a premier Angular development company in the USA providing Angular development services and unlimited solutions worldwide by assuring dynamic, scalable, flexible web and app development. Our in-house Angular team leverages Angular’s potential to develop feature-rich, high-performing, and real-time applications.

Why do We Recommend Angular Development Services

Simplified MVC Pattern

Angular is built on the MVC architecture that promotes the separation of responsibilities and isolates the app logic from the UI layer.

High-Speed and Performance

The load time of websites is reduced using Angular’s high-speed features, optimizing the UX and improving navigation.


A fully expandable architecture can be built using the flexibility of an Angular component-based design, thanks to the component’s reusability.


Angular is quite extensible and compatible with many different libraries. This implies that you can completely tailor your process to suit your own demands.

Effortless Testing

For quick code comprehension, error checking, and application testing, Angular comes with dependency injection and an end-to-end unit testing configuration with the Jasmine testing framework.

Large Angular Developer Community

Developed by Google, Angular has large community support with developers and contributors to help out with any issues.

Angular Frameworks We Work On

Our Technology Stack

Front-End Angular, Bootstrap, WPF, React, JQuery
Back-End .NET, Java, PHP, C#, VB.NET
Architecture MVP, MVC, MVVM, Microservices
Deployment AWS, Docker, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes
Database Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, MongoDB, MariaDB
Testing Katalon, Selenium Grid, Postman, Test Rail, Apache JMeter
ORMs TypeORM, Sequelize, GraphQL
Caching Memcached, Redis
Project Management Tools Asana, Slack, Trello, Jira

AngularJS Development Services We Offer

At OnGraph, we distinguish ourselves from other AngularJS development agencies by providing a customer-oriented and agile development approach. Your security is our top priority, and we keep your data safe by signing an NDA before starting the development process.

Angular UI Bootstrap

Although we make an effort to exploit Angular’s advantages, our knowledge of the framework extends beyond Angular customization services; our Angular professionals have first-hand experience building web front ends with Angular UI Bootstrap components.

Directives and Dependency Injection

To create HTML tags for websites and mobile applications, our Angular developers use the best directives and dependency injection to finalize the Angular app development and testing procedure easily and conveniently.

Angular Migration and Upgrade Services

Our expertise in migration services guarantees that Angular web apps stay updated with contemporary and cutting-edge web development trends.

Angular Support & Maintenance

Our team facilitates ongoing maintenance, enhancements, and upgrades that enhance your business workflow for improved effectiveness.

Custom Angular Development Services

We provide custom Angular web development services that give you an advantage in improving functionalities. We also offer Angular widget development services to streamline application speed and performance.

Angular UI/UX Development

With our innovative Angular UI/UX development approach, our Angular team builds appealing mobile and web apps.

What We Develop With Our Angular Development Services

Angular Progressive Web Application Development

Hire Angular web developers from OnGraph, who make use of the latest mobile and web app development technologies to develop high-performing PWAs.

E-commerce App Development

We provide Angular E-commerce application development services to get added features and functionalities like payment gateway APIs and shopping carts.

Angular Single Page Application (SPA) Development

We offer SPA-implemented apps that are quick and high-performing, so your web page won’t load every time you access it.

Angular Web Application Template Development

We create dynamic and interactive web page templates for mobile and desktop applications using Angular app development services.

Angular REST API Development

As the leading Angular web development company, we ensure that our Angular software incorporates clear REST API designs along with engaging Angular front-end development.

Angular Enterprise Application Development

Our Angular development team has a solid reputation for creating cost-effective apps and Angular solutions for organizations of all kinds and sizes.

Third-Party Integrations and Plugins

For websites created in Angular, we provide third-party integration services to enhance their capabilities. We also support customization.

Why Hire Angular Developers with OnGraph?

Hire Angular developers from our firm equipped to get elite Angular web development services. Our developers utilize BigBucket and GitHub for version control and are also well-equipped with agile project management tools for seamless communication.

Flexible Engagement Models

We maintain an agile and customer-centric engagement approach for providing specified and all-round Angular development services.

Expert Angular Developers

Hire Angular developers from OnGraph with proven expertise in various Angular libraries, frameworks, and different Angular versions and in providing customized and scalable Angular development solutions.

Seamless Communication

Besides providing Angular consulting services, our Angular team has expertise in various project management tools like Slack, Jira, and Asana for timely updates, status, and consistent communication.

Competitive Cost

Our low operating costs make us stand out from other Angular development companies in the US. We provide adequate resources and solutions at a reduced price.

Flawless Code and Design

You can request to employ Angular frameworks, libraries, and tools suited to your business needs coupled with our innovative Angular solutions and rich designs.

24x7 Support

We outsource Angular development services with 24×7 support and accessible communication during and after the deployment of your application.

Advanced Enterprise-Level Apps

We have in-house experienced Angular developers skilled in various technical stacks who develop secure and reliable apps.

Consistent and Timely Delivery

We understand the value of time and keep our commitments to the on-time and swift delivery of Angular web development services.

Serving Numerous Industries

OnGraph has 15+ years of industry experience and has assisted companies in achieving their business goals in diverse industries worldwide including Angular web development services.

E-commerce and Retail
Travel Industry

Frequently Asked Question

The amount of time needed to develop an app relies on a number of variables. Depending on the needs of your project, an Angular development process can typically last one to 4-6 weeks. However, we guarantee that the project is delivered as soon as feasible thanks to our flexible approach.

We take a number of different search engines into account while developing all Angular web applications. When designing and developing the app, our Angular developers strictly follow search engine guidelines.

Definitely! We create mobile applications that are easy for users to navigate and work with all mobile devices. We take advantage of a responsive design to make sure the app works on a variety of displays and platforms.

There are several ways we can connect. We are just a click away. You can call us at  1800 270 1893, or fill up the contact form or simply schedule a free consultation call with one of our solution architects.

We have several engagement models such as fixed cost, pay as you go, time and material. You can select what suits best as per your project requirements. Needless to say all the pricing models are flexible and you can switch anytime to other models as per the situations.




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