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React JS is an open-source JavaScript library supported by multiple platforms and OS that enables developers to create interactive UI for responsive web apps and single-page apps. It was developed to streamline front-end web app development by breaking down web modules into simple components.

ReactJS app development is popular since it is simple, adaptable, swift, scalable, and has a low learning curve. Being a leading React JS web development company, Ongraph provides comprehensive ReactJS development services worldwide with proven expertise in advanced React JS frameworks and tools like Redux, Create React App, Rebass, Grommet, and others coupled with the best ReactJS development practices.

As a leading ReactJS development company in the USA, Our goal is to provide efficient business-driven apps for our clients through our proficiency and expertise and build complex ReactJS mobile apps and PWAs that meet organizational objectives.

Our pool of ReactJS developers provides innovative approaches and customized React JS app development and web development solutions with timely project delivery to value your investment in us. Our clients merit distinguished our React JS development services and our approaches to creating highly interactive UI to build hybrid and dynamic web apps.

Why do We Recommend ReactJS Development Services

Because of its flexibility and highly-scalable features, React JS app development has gained popularity as a potent JavaScript library. With the help of this open-source package, ReactJS developers can build sophisticated web and mobile app solutions.

Virtual DOM

In contrast to DOM, Virtual DOM makes coding easier by re-rendering the updated UI.


React can be written once and executed anywhere and is compatible with Android, Windows, and iOS.

Usefulness of JSX

It is a preprocessor step that gives JavaScript XML syntax, making it easier than ever to reason about a module.

One-way data binding

Flux controls are used by one-way data binding to update the view and manage the application workflow.


React stands out among frameworks for being SEO-friendly since its quick rendering speeds up website load time.

Flexibility with Disconnected Components

You can create sophisticated user interfaces by first dividing the UI into separate, reusable parts and then composing them.


It enables you to efficiently update and render the appropriate components when data changes so that you can manage the state and flow of your application.

Our Technology Stack

Languages/Platform React, Typescript, Javascript, Serverless, Express, JSX, Jest, HOC
Front-End Bootstrap, React, Angular, jQuery, Vue
Architecture MVC, MVP, Microservices, MVVM
Frameworks/Libraries Typescript, Javascript, JSON, Express, XML, Meteor.js, Serverless,, SOAP
Database MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, Firebase, MS-SQL, Rethinkdb, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, CouchDB
Deployment Azure, AWS, Docker, Google Cloud, Kubernetes
Testing Selenium, Katalon, Test Rail, OWASP ZAP Postman
ORMs TypeORM, Sequilize, GraphQL
Caching Memcached, Redis
Project Management Tools Asana, Slack, Trello, Jira, Microsoft Teams

React Frameworks Our Developers Have Expertise In

At OnGraph, we have a team of React developers with proven expertise in developing enterprise-based React JS applications for diverse industries coupled with the most innovative Reactjs development techniques.

Create React App

A swift and effective command-line interface (CLI) with a transpiler, test runner, and a configure bundle without needing no additional files or configuration.


An open-source web development React framework with server-side rendering that allows expansion of React’s functionalities since it only works at the display layer.

Material Kit React

A great React web development framework for quick and simple creation of React UI components and provides several components that have a stunning appearance when coupled together.


A reliable toolset for managing states in JavaScript applications that also eliminates the necessity for transporting data through all layered components and creates a single point of truth for the app’s overall state.


A React JavaScript framework under the Apache 2.0 license used for building accessible and mobile-first web apps by combining theming, responsiveness, modularity, and accessibility into a single, compact package.

Semantic UI

An incredibly user-friendly and intuitive UI architecture based on semantics that enables you to swiftly design responsive layouts for a seamless user experience.

Why Hire React JS Developers with OnGraph?

Expert Team of React JS Developers

Hire ReactJS developers from OnGraph with demonstrated proficiency with a variety of React JS frameworks and technologies, including underscore.js, moment.js, MailParser, Lodash, Redis, nodemailer, md5, and JSON Web Token.

Flexible Engagement Models

For providing customized and extensive React JS development services, we maintain a customer-centric and agile interaction style.

Seamless Communication

Our React JS app development team and other staff have experience with a range of project management technologies for accurate status updates, regular communication, and timely updates.

Competitive Rates

We distinguish ourselves from other React JS development companies from our minimal operational cost modes. We offer ample resources at a reasonable rate.

24×7 Support

We offer an ideal combination of cost-effective rates with amazing quality to ensure the lowest pricing in the industry.

Advanced Enterprise-Level Web Apps

We employ seasoned React JS engineers who are proficient in a range of technical stacks and develop reliable and secure React JS web apps.

Consistent and On-time Delivery

We respect the value of time and adhere to our pledges to offer React JS development services promptly and on schedule.

Serving Numerous Industries

With over a decade of experience in providing React JS development services, we have proven hands-on experience in assisting businesses in diverse verticals worldwide.

E-commerce and Retail

Frequently Asked Question

Definitely! The source code is the intellectual property of the client and you have absolute rights to own, re-use, modify and distribute once the project is deployed and delivered.

Yes, you can count on us for any kind of support, bug fixes or downtimes for the initial 3 month after the project is delivered. After this time period, we have reasonable pricings for support, maintenance and upgrades.

We have quality analysts to ensure the quality, functionality and feasibility of the code. The company follows standard protocols in project deliveries. We test it thoroughly in different environments and on different devices, operating systems to cross check if all are working well.

Yes, your hired developers are like all other regular employees and will work full-time (8 hours a day, 5 days a week) dedicated to your project only. All their leaves and absences will be processed with your consent only.

Yes, we also offer working in non-standard times and other time zones depending on the client’s need. For such cases, we need to be informed of such requirements before the start of the engagement.

Yes, we can help you scale up and scale down the team as per your business needs. Within 2 weeks of providing information, we can ramp up the team as per your needs.

React works well for creating user interfaces and their components. It is useful for fetching quickly changing data that needs to be recorded and is typically used as the foundation for single-page and progressive web apps.




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