How to Hire Android Developer?

Hire Android developers

Android app development is sweeping the market in all sectors. Today, people running small or large online businesses are focusing on developing innovative and engaging Android apps for their businesses.

The Android development market is on the rise and is tremendously growing.

Rise of Android development

By 2023, you will also experience growth in the Android app market, as suggested by Statista. But what drives the Android app market demand?

It is the customers, end-users, or stakeholders who drive the demand. Consistent dependency on mobile devices has boosted app development. The business must leverage different platforms to cater to a broader audience, and Android apps are the way to go.

So, does every Android app have the same impact on its customers and end-users? Does every app generate revenue for the business?

No, not really. You will be amazed to know that only 1 of thousands of mobile apps can survive successfully, leaving their competitors behind to create their impact.

How can any business bring innovative android apps to the table? It is only possible if you hire an Android developer to create amazing apps to help your business to stand out.

If you have started your journey with Android app development, then this article will help you in your journey to develop creatively.

What is Android Development?

An application built on the Android OS using the android software development kit (SDK) on android studio refers to android development. Google introduced this open-source and Linux-based OS for mobiles. Being open-source, it has been modified by developers to develop different GUIs.

You can install SDK for developing any application for the android system. These applications can efficiently run on any platform and device, are built in android OS, and are written In Java. The android apps run on Java Virtual Machines (JVM).

Today, the number of apps on Google Play is reaching 3 million apps, leading the pack for market share globally.

Statistics (Google Play is reaching 3 million apps)

Around 70k new Android apps are making their market presence every month. Some get attention, and some do not.

Google play stastics

Due to the increased hype around Android app development, companies are taking it seriously and making it mandatory to have an android app for scaling their business.

How an Android app development help to skyrocket your business?

No doubt, the Android ecosystem is growing and getting huge. Every business will benefit from adopting Android app development.

Let’s see what Android has provided to the market and what key factors made it a prior choice for business.

Power of Android Development

  • High ROI with a low-cost investment

Android SDK is available for free, which helps developers to develop interactive apps using its material designs. But, developers have to pay a one-time registration cost for distributing the app. After that, developers can leverage its benefits to build and test their apps. It has reduced the investment cost too much while maintaining the app’s quality and engaging users. With an excellent user interface, it will get the attention of users generating more ROI.

  • Speedy development process

If you want to stay competitive and bring an effective yet speedy solution to your business growth, then Android app development is preferable. It will reduce the time-to-market while maintaining the efficiency of the app. Android development has a more minor and fast development cycle lasting a few hours.

  • Target multiple platforms

Java is the primary programming language for Android app development, thus making it easier to port the app to any other platform. This way, developers can easily target multiple platforms with similar coding.

Java and Kotlin have become official languages for Android development. With Kotlin, Multiplatform, you can power applications that run on iOS & Android.

  • Versatile and scalable apps

Android Studio can easily integrate the entire Android ecosystem, including smartphones, tablets, wearables, and TVs, to incorporate the latest trends like IoT, AR, and VR. It has helped developers build dynamic mobile applications catering to customers’ needs. After Android Studio, any business can leverage flexible and scalable apps that suit changing business needs.

  • Improved security

Android has been modified over time and offers in-built security features. It helps in ensuring the overall security of apps against malware and viruses.

  • Highly customizable

Being open-source, it offers the freedom of customization to the developers. With the latest tools, features, and functionalities of Android, developers can integrate different aspects of the app to make it more functional and engaging. With open freedom to customization, businesses can reach a wider audience having different needs.

But to leverage the actual benefits, the features need to be adequately implemented. This is why we need dedicated Android developers with specific skills.

Let’s see what we need to excel at.

Things to consider while hiring an android developer

It takes a lot of effort, skills, and knowledge from designing to developing Android mobile apps. Thus hiring becomes a challenging process. But if you consider the following skills, you can find the right talent.

Things to consider while hiring an android developer

  • Programming languages

Developers must have Java and Kotlin experience for developing Android apps. They must have their base clear, including syntax and basics, frameworks, multithreading and concurrency, functional programming, and generics.

  • SDKs and development kits

Every Android developer must be familiar with SDKs that will save time and effort and make their coding journey easier. For example, you need to include a payment gateway to your app, which will require SDKs to rescue coding effort. With pre-built code or templates, developers can speed up their development process.

  • Familiar with Android Studio

It is an IDE (integrated development environment) where developers will get a wide range of SDKs to integrate within their apps.

  • Workaround APIs

APIs connect the Android apps with third-party services or apps. For example, you want your app to locate the users. Thus, you can add Google APIs for locating local places using google Maps.

  • Database knowledge.

Whether small or large app, it will store some amount of data. For that, you will require a database to store all that data. Thus, developers must be able to create queries for retrieving, connecting, and accessing data from the app.

What tech stack should you prefer for Android app development?

Choosing the right stack is essential to include all the features and functionalities in any app. The developer must choose the right approach, technology, and framework to develop an excellent Android app.

Before you decide on your tech stack, developers must create a list of the features they want in their app and understand how they will add those features. Then they should check out the tech stack that can help them include all the listed features and more. The tech stack must help them add more features in the future to keep the app up-to-date as per the changing market demands.

Other factors need consideration, such as the type of app you want to create (native or cross-platform).

But how can a developer choose the right tech stack for development?

  • First, understand your project’s requirements.
  • Then, understand the objective of your app and what features you want to include, and choose a monetization model for your app.
  • Next, find out what type of developers you want to hire, full-time or freelancers.
  • What security features must you include to keep your app and customer data safe?
  • Mention what integration you need and what your app compatibility is.


Many developers are still using Java for their Android app development. It is the oldest programming language and still significantly impacts the IT industry. It is a perfect bundle for Android app development, including Java Development Kit, Java Runtime Environment, and Integrated Development Environment.

Today, Java has become the language for large enterprises. Developers can develop web apps and big data technologies like Hadoop and Apache Storm.

Below are the pros and cons of using Java as your technology.

Pros and Cons of using Java


Kotlin is a new open-source Android language introduced by Google. It made its market presence in 2011 yet has gained global popularity. For developers, it has become another preferable language as they do not have to rewrite the entire code again while switching from Java to kotlin.

Today, companies are actively hiring Kotlin developers to build Android apps. Some famous examples are- Uber, Evernote, Pinterest, and others.

Pros and Cons of using Kotlin


After you select the tech stack for your app development, you must streamline the hiring process and must be clear about what you are looking for.

Android vs. Cross-platform Development

Android vs. Cross-platform Development

Differences Native and Cross Platform

Android vs. iOS Development

Android vs. iOS Development

The process to hire an Android developer

The process is simple. Still, you need to stick with the requirements. Below is the straightforward process that will help you find the right talent.

  • Prepare a technical description that you can roll out on various platforms where you can find potential talents. For example- LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  • Choose a suitable hiring model. You can hire an internal app development team or outsource mobile app development services per your budget.
  • Conduct technical interviews and other processes to understand the knowledge of the hiring employee.
  • Roll out the agreement or contract to make a deal.

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