Stay on Top of Your Projects with project management tools

Gathering different teams to work together via a single interface and keeping them in sync on the project’s progress from creating bids to generating invoices.

Our aim is to drive collaboration by developing and integrating tools used by different teams into one solution that makes the work easier by eliminating the need to log on to different platforms to manage surveys and drive meaningful traffic.

With our capability to develop a fully-functional seamless project management tool for market research companies, and get everything lined up, from easy access to targeted supplies, quick reporting, to instant invoicing, and whatnot!

Revolutionize Project Management

A hassle-free management experience for managers and other market research teams (sales, accounting, managers, and others) to handle different tasks together from a single interface.

We help you with the development of innovative project management tools.

  • Integrate your choice of supply channel and drive traffic
  • One-click Live/pause surveys on different supply channels or marketplaces
  • Advanced techniques and internal checks to eliminate fraud respondents
  • Target specific set of respondents with qualification and quota management
  • Quick and easy reporting for internal assessment
  • Create leads, bids management, and project assignments
  • Manage invoices for different bids and completed projects

Align your scattered management process with advanced tools

Get your sales, invoicing, internal teams, progress status, and everything in line. We can develop an efficient, single-interface project management tool to help you streamline your daily tasks.

We provide customizable features. On top of it, we can develop additional features as per your request. Let’s uncover the extensive functionalities.

Bid management

Manage customer bids, pricing negotiations, and bid status with an easy bidding system, and embed all bid details with different survey requirements. Making it easier to provide cost-effective market research facilities to drive respondents to survey completion.

Fielding management

Integrate supply channels and manage surveys with a one-click play/pause option on all channels simultaneously. Eliminate fake respondents with advanced techniques like (fingerprinting, GEO IP, ReCaptcha V3, Unique IP, and others).

target specific response
Targeting/sampling management

Want a specific set of respondents to complete the survey? Set your filters and apply them to all integrated supply channels simultaneously to drive specific traffic to complete the survey.

quota management
Quota Management.

Manage customers’ more granular requirements with quotas to further restrict the respondent sets to achieve precise results. An easy module to create quotas and terminate respondents after achieving your targeted quotas for the survey.

Supplier integration
Supplier integration

Expanding your reach to unlimited respondents with options to integrate several supply channels, either via API (Lucid, Cint, PureSpectrum, Dynata, etc.) or your own panel. Post and manage the surveys on all channels with the one-click feature to drive respondents.

Project reconciliation
Project reconciliation

Manage every transaction with an easy reconciliation option before sending the final invoice to the customer and supplier. All reconciliations will be propagated to the integrated supply channels as well in a click.


Drooling over invoices? Making every transaction a seamless experience with a simple-to-use invoicing module with access to the status of open/closed invoices, changing invoice status with integrated accounting tools, such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Zoho Books, and others.


Analyze suppliers, customers, and internal team performance with a simple reporting tool with year-to-year, month-to-month, or project-level comparisons for revenue, cost, conversion, and other performance metrics.


With our expertise in market research and its industry, we can help you build customized features for your project management tool to grow your numbers and expand your reach.

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