Genuine respondent, meaningful surveys

Don’t lose your business over fake respondents! Keep greedy out-of-business insights and focus on real responses helping businesses to make things right.

With our expertise to develop and integrate industry-leading fraud detection techniques that help you eliminate fraud profiles, duplicate respondents, and bots, and target genuine respondents to complete surveys across industries globally, we help businesses to make their investment worthwhile and achieve what they have invested for.

State-of-the-art Fraud detection techniques such as fingerprint, GEO IP verification and open-end answer can help companies target genuine respondents and get accurate results to complement their research.

Quality surveys- the key to success

Feeding businesses with genuine respondents by integrating the most powerful and creative fraud detection checks and techniques to deal with fraudulent respondents.

  • Identify duplicate respondents across the different supply sources
  • Eliminate bots and fraud responses
  • Implement S2S callbacks and hashed redirects to eliminate URL manipulations
  • Complex internal checks (fingerprinting, attention check questions, open-ended question, length of interaction, mobile verification, address verification and others) to maintain quality
  • Improve reconciliation rate by restricting bots and fraud responses
  • Choose your choice of fraud detection techniques
  • Prefer high-end integrations over development

Advanced Fraud Detection Integrations

Integrating the power of the topmost fraud detection tools, such as Research Defender, Cloud Research, and Imperium, and developing internal survey checks, we have successfully helped businesses to reach genuine respondents for survey completion.

Let us help you build a robust fraud detection tool for you!

fingerprinting setting

Third-party integration or custom fingerprinting development solutions eliminate duplicate responses to attend surveys on desktop and mobile devices based on different settings. With a 95% success rate, integrating the Fingerprinting.js library can improve results.


Filter respondents based on GEO IP and find digital identities beyond IP addresses. Such a tool highlights the geolocation of data sources of dynamic respondents to understand if the received responses are genuine.

Open-end answer validation

Leverage complex respondent validating filters for analyzing the coming responses and quickly eliminate profanity, cut-and-paste responses, and offensive terms. Such tools ensure precise results and real-time scores in different languages.

Respondent address verification

Verify the details of respondents and ensure they enter the correct address to maintain the integrity of the survey. To eliminate respondents with fake addresses, we integrate the address verification validation via USPS before they enter into the survey.

Respondent Mobile verification

We have expertise in integrating mobile verification services from third parties, such as Twilio. You can ask for the respondent’s mobile number and send them an OTP. Once they confirm the OTP, their contact number will be verified.

Custom controls

Having fraud detection is not enough as respondents are smart enough to break the code. So our experts can place custom control on top of these techniques to keep the fraud away and make way for genuine respondents to complete the survey.
Some checks like survey completion time, completion rate, red herring questions, open-end questions, and others make fraud entry complex.

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