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Laravel is a commonly used PHP-based framework for creating out-of-the-box web app solutions. It has gained immense popularity due to its expressive and elegant syntax, making it a suitable option for new developers in the market.

Laravel is built on two approaches- component-based systems and composer-driven, making it a suitable option for both monolithic and microservices apps (Lumen).

We can help you build Laravel apps from all business perspectives, from eCommerce to CRM software and SaaS-based apps, loaded with many in-built packages, lightning-fast development, and scalable apps.

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We have a pool of experienced Laravel developers to deliver innovative development services. We bring creativity and next-gen tools to develop the most innovative Laravel projects. Our screening process helps eliminate the rigorous interviewing process. Hire Laravel developers today.

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How can Laravel development services help your Business?

With a wide range of benefits from vast plugins and libraries, frameworks, and scalability, implementing Laravel development services will help your business scale successfully.


Its built-in tools help streamline all the everyday tasks like authentication, routing, and caching and speed up the development process using the latest PHP principles.


It offers an advanced authentication system covering everything from Login, Registration to Password Reset. With its simple authorization logic, anyone can control access to resources.

Lightweight templates

With the inclusion of dynamic content seeding and widgets with solid-structured CSS and JS codes, we can create splendid layouts to build simple yet efficient web applications.

Extendible & Modular Framework

Laravel framework is built over 20 different libraries that are classified into separate modules. Using its Packalyst directory, we can add more than 5500 packages. This modular package system results in a highly responsive web application.

Lean development services

Lumen, a micro-framework focused on lean development, enables the creation of micro-projects quickly and easily with minimal configuration.

Our Technology Stack


PHP, Python, and Go

Project management methodologies

Agile, Scrum, and Waterfall

Understanding of APIs

RESTful and SOAP to handle projects with Limited bandwidth and resources, Stateless operations, Caching situations, Asynchronous processing, and others.

CMS platforms.

Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, WordPress, Drupal

front-end technologies

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, VueJs, ReactJs, PSD, Kotlin, Angular, ExpressJs

Experience working with storage solutions

PostgreSQL, SQL Server, SQLite, MySQL

Familiarity with dev tools

PHPStorm, Bitbucket, Laravel Debugbar, Socialite, Apache Subversion, Laravel Tinker, etc.

Laravel functionalities

Laravel Jetstream, model factory class, Migration Squashing, Broadcasting, Events, Queues, Task Scheduling, Query Builder and Eloquent ORM, Error handling, Logging, file storage, Mail Service, Localization, Hashing, Traits, Testing, Micro Service Architecture.

Laravel Packages

breeze auth Scaffolding, Cashier, Dusk, Envoy, Fortify, Homestead, Horizon, Jetstream, Octane, passport, sail, Sanctum, Scout, Socialite, Telescope, Valet.

Laravel versions

We have expertise in using various versions- 6, 7, 8, and 9.

Laravel Libraries

To create an outstanding app with Laravel, we are experts in using and integrating several libraries, such as AWS S3 Bucket, Pubnub SMS, and Exotel Api.

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AI and ML apps created with Laravel

We help you utilize the power of AI by leveraging multiple ways of connection, such as an SDK or API, to integrate the AI applications or by using available Laravel packages.

We can leverage Laravel’s components for building modules such as subscriptions, payments, and admin dashboards. We can help you build marketplace apps with simplified delivery of product functionalities.

We can help you build excellent Multi-lingual CMS systems on top of the Laravel framework to stay competitive and mark your presence in the market. We offer facilities to create multi-lingual apps.

We offer Web development with Laravel to create highly functional B2B websites, making it easier for B2B enterprises to outsource services and help organize tasks in a high-security environment.

We have expertise in developing apps with different Laravel versions. We can seamlessly help with quick and straightforward migration and app updation from older to newer versions.

Being a safe and secure platform, we can help create blockchain apps by integrating the top security mechanisms of Laravel.

With Laravel capabilities, we can help you build highly intelligent NLP-based voice assistants for Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple pods.

Hiring Laravel developers with OnGraph

With 15+ years of experience in software industries, we have been helping businesses with innovative development services. Our skilled team of developers will quickly turn your ideas into reality.

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Skilled developers
Skilled Laravel developers

At OnGraph, we offer a pool of top talents with expertise in Laravel development, ensuring simple, clean coding with practical and impressive results.

Agile-based practices

Our developers strictly follow the agile practice to deliver the expected results by catering to all changing requirements and for speedy delivery.

24X7 support

With our capability to connect anytime, our developers will help you solve your queries with an instant and smooth resolution process.

Serving different market segments

Our developers have experience serving different market segments, from small-scale to large enterprises, with guaranteed results and success.

Futuristic web apps

Our developers keep them updated with the latest tools and technologies and help you provide futuristic results that will help your business scale.

Timely delivery

We promise to work on our commitments and ensure faster delivery of apps and products while integrating all the latest functionalities.

Industries We Cater

A go-to laravel app development company with expert developers willing to do justice to your ideas and turn them into a real, fully functioning app.

Frequently Asked Question

Our simple and innovative hiring models allow you to choose and customize a team for your specific project. We work on your requirements in detail and curate a team that will be suitable and dedicatedly to working on your requirements. They will update you timely about the progress.

Yes, the chosen team has a specified Quality Assurance Specialist and a Lead Software Engineer who will help you throughout your daily workload and progress. They are the leading point of contact for you.

Pricing depends on your requirements, resources, and timeline. You can connect with us with your requirements, and we will discuss them in detail and let you know about the pricing. For support, we have additional charges that would be affordable.

We support all apps, ensuring consistent maintenance and improvement to make your apps up-to-date and scalable as per the changing workloads. Not only this, we integrate the latest technology upgrades and implement them whenever available.

Our team believes in the agile approach, so they will contact you for your feedback and ask for possible changes. They will update you regularly.