Hire Dedicated Flutter App Developers

Flutter is Google’s open-source framework that enables the creation and deployment of apps for iOS, Android, desktop, and web from a single codebase. This minimizes the cost of development as well as the time it takes for an application to reach the market. Flutter is based on the Dart programming language which is easy to read and code. Dart has a clean and amazingly powerful syntax that sets perfect conditions for building a clear architecture as well as design of the application.

OnGraph specializes in developing efficient and cost-effective apps for the clients across the globe using cutting-edge, imaginative, and flawlessly built flutter app development solutions.

We’ve worked with businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries to establish offshore Flutter App development teams. Our team of offshore Flutter developers has worked on projects for startups, software firms, and even digital agencies.

Benefits of Hiring Flutter Developers for your Business

Although Flutter was released just 5 years back in 2017, it has gain huge popularity among developers and enterprises because of it’s powerful software development kit and single codebases uses among many other features.

Faster Application Development

There is no need to write code several times to make the product work on different operating systems because Flutter is perfect for developing both Android and iOS apps. It is a cross-platform app development framework that uses a single codebase that saves time and cost and thus makes it fast to develop.

Fast Testing with Hot Reload

By injecting the updated source code into the running VM (dart virtual machine), Flutter’s hot reload helps you quickly build UI, easy experiments and fixing of bugs. It helps you quickly view the effects of the changes made.

Single Codebase for all Platforms

Because of Flutter’s code reuse capabilities, you can create just one codebase and utilize it across several platforms, including the Android, iOS and Web.

This allows you to deploy your software considerably quicker, cuts down on costs, and drastically reduces development time.

Similar to Native App Performance

Back in 2017 when Flutter was just launched by Google, it had some performance issues and FPS. However, as the technology evolved, these issues were sorted and now it performs the same as Native apps.

Custom Widgets of Any Complexity

Developers follow Material Design guidelines using Flutter’s vast choice of platform-specific widgets. Moreover, the widgets can be customized as required in terms of element transitions, color, shape, clipping, shadow manipulations etc.

Same UI and Business Logic in All Platforms

We are aware that almost all cross-platform frameworks enable codebase sharing between the target platforms. However, except for Flutter, there are no other application frameworks that permit sharing of both the UI code and the UI itself.

OnGraph Has Expertise in Various Aspects of Flutter App Development

We have a pool of dedicated Flutter app developers at OnGraph having years of experience working on cross-platform development frameworks.

Custom Flutter App Development

Hire our expert Flutter developers to create high-quality apps that are backed by our award-winning process.

Cross-Platform Apps Development

We create cross-platform apps with professional Flutter app developers that work on a variety of operating systems and devices.

Flutter Consultation

Get all your questions answered with our solution architects if Flutter is the right choice for your requirement or how Flutter can help you build scalable apps that saves time and money.

End-to-End Flutter Development

Build attractive and inventive applications with Flutter’s outstanding features. We have a team of Flutter who provide you end-to-end services which include requirements gathering , designing, development , testing , deployment and monitoring.

Maintenance & Support

Our dependable maintenance and support services ensure that your existing Flutter apps receive consistent and reliable care.

Migration & Upgradation

If your mobile app requires migration and up-gradation from different technologies to Flutter or vice versa, outsource our app migration services for a hassle free migration at a low cost.

Hiring Models

Stay ahead in the whole new era of innovation by hiring expert Flutter programmers for your project. OnGraph ensures that you get access to best-in-class talent by offering different hiring models so as to bridge the skill gap or meet sudden increases in workload.

Dedicated Team

If you want to get the app developed in a fixed timeline, you should go for a team of dedicated developers. It is also called a ‘pay-as- you-go’ monthly rolling contract.

Controlled Agile

In case you have a limited budget and need some flexibility against any changes in future, rest assured as we provide Flutter programmers for hire with a controlled agile engagement.

Time & Material

When your project is not defined properly and requires some work, then you can conveniently opt for an hourly engagement model. It is also called a ‘pay-as-you-go’ hour-wise rolling contract.


Industries We Cater

As a top-notch Flutter app development company, we efficiently serve distinct business requirements in different industries that range from small to large scale enterprises. Kick-start your Flutter web app development journey with us.

Hire Flutter Developer in 5 Steps

Flutter developers for the entire project lifecycle to develop top web solutions.

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Frequently Asked Question

You can hire a Flutter app developer by following the below 3 simple steps.

  • Get an in depth requirement analysis and come up with the list of features you want in the app
  • One of our solution architects will help you evaluate whether you need  a team of dedicated developers or it can be done on time and material basis.
  • We’ll connect your technical team with the developers to make sure they are suitable for the project requirements.

This can be decided better if we get your requirement clearly. If you have a complete requirement in place and there are just a few changes you might need to do later, it is advisable to go with fix cost pricing. 

However, we have flexible pricing models and you can change it to cost per hour anytime, if required.

There isn’t a simple answer to this question. It depends on the requirement, the scope of work, the type of app, the design complexity, the number of screens, features and functionalities of the app, and the cost of maintenance and support.

Again, it depends on the scope of the work, the features and functionalities of the app. Also, there may be significant changes as we proceed and can affect the timelines. But usually, it may take around 6-10 weeks to properly develop the app, test it thoroughly and test the beta version.

We strongly believe that one size does not fit all, so we offer a variety of customizable pricing options based on the client’s preferences. Choose your price model from the following options:

  • Fixed Cost Pricing Model
  • Time and materials Pricing Model
  • Pay as you use/Pay per unit
  • Mixed Mode Pricing Model